PacRat is out for Android phones!

September 18, 2011
Suitable for everyone, and tested to run on 2.1 and up.  Try the Lite version before you buy, or just jump right in!

PacRat second update

May 7, 2011
1.2 will feature an option to increase game speed for you arcade junkies who want a faster game experience;  and planning a high score table for reference.  Coming in May.

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PacRat update coming!

April 10, 2011
Woot! thanks for all the great feedback.  6000 downloads in its first two weeks.  Let's have an update!

Adding: saves between levels, keyboard controls (I,J,K,L) to steer PacRat, Tips and tricks added to help, and for you, Ryan, you can now set music to off :)  and lastly, in case you are so inclined ..  a link to the app store full version, lol. 

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